Testing with local schools

Substi has always been a labour of love.

When Erris had the idea a few months ago that Schools and Teachers could benefit from a simple to use app to connect teachers with positions she didn’t go and attempt to find Angel Investors or raise capitol or do any of the standard ‘Silicon Valley’ things that people do when they have an idea. Rather, she found people who believed in the concept like she did and who could help make it a reality.

But none of these people could invest all their energy into Substi. So we started small and built the solution slowly. Today we’ve reached a point we’re quite proud of. Substi, we believe, is good enough that real schools can start using it. So we’ve invited some local schools (we’re based in Mahurangi, Auckland) and some local relief teachers to try it out and give us feedback for the next few months so we can continue to improve Substi and refine it ready for a V1 launch.

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