Substi for Schools

We make it easy for Schools to contact all the teachers on your preferred list with a couple of clicks.

Substi makes finding and confirming a substitute or relieving teacher fast, safe and certain.

Use your own relief teacher pool.

Substi works to give you the best available options in the shortest possible time.

Save time and money

Solve your reliever problems faster and with less staff time. Keep track of the substitute situation with instant information, reports and data.

Focus on Teaching

Make telephone lists and calls a thing of the past. Keep your mind on your job.

Improve Staff Productivity

Everyone knows that finding relievers is stressful and getting harder every year. Give your staff the tools they need to succeed.

Get the Teachers you want

You have a group of preferred teachers and you can see exactly who is available on any day. You can make arrangements based on solid information.

Relieve Staff Stress

Telephoning endless lists of relievers early in the morning is stressful, especially if there are things to do to get yourself to work on time.
SubstiTeach makes it easy.

Expose more options

Access a wider pool of teachers in the geographical area or in a particular specialty.