NZ Schools Can Start Back at Level 2

Schools Need to Be Prepared for Opening at Level 3Connect with your Relief Teacher Pool with Speed and Efficiency. Substi offers Free Registration for the COVID19 period. Go to or Get Substi App Contact info Fast. Safe. Certain. Click. Connect. Teach.

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Substi The Best NZ Relief Teacher’s App for connecting with Schools.

Go live!

Today marks a pretty big day for us at Substi. After over 2 years of hard work we are finally open to everyone (well, everyone in New Zealand). If you are a relief teacher or a school please sign up and try it out. We think you’ll like it. Our pricing is pretty simple. It’s…

Our Tech

Substi is still in stealth mode, but it’s important that we get the tech right from day 1. If you make the wrong choice now and suddenly find massive growth when you go live it can be disastrous if you can’t scale to keep up. If you’re interested in a technology deep-dive, buckle up and…

Testing with local schools

Substi has always been a labour of love. When Erris had the idea a few months ago that Schools and Teachers could benefit from a simple to use app to connect teachers with positions she didn’t go and attempt to find Angel Investors or raise capitol or do any of the standard ‘Silicon Valley’ things…

Hi. I’m Erris

As a teacher for more than 20 years, I have seen both sides of the relieving equation. I have searched for available relievers and as a reliever, I have searched for teaching positions. I know that there is a need to improve the frustrating and time-consuming process of connecting the school and the relief teacher. I’ve searched around for solutions that help connect schools and teachers. But none have been sufficient. So I’ve decided that if…