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For Schools

Post as many positions as you like, as often as you like. Post a relief position and find available Substi teachers instantly. No early-morning panic ringing around to find cover. Free for up to 3 linked teachers.

For Teachers

Receive alerts and accept Substi positions instantly. No more waiting by the phone or checking emails every morning.

Substi for Schools

The complete solution for managing relief teaching

Substi for Schools

The complete solution for managing relief teaching

Manage your own pool

Add or remove teachers from your approved pool as much as you like. The more Substi teachers you keep in your pool the more likely a position is to be filled quickly.

Post a position

Setting up cover for an absent teacher is simple with just a couple of clicks. Tell us the date and the class number and we'll take care of everything else.

See who is available

As soon as we know the dates we find all the Substi teachers in your pool who are available so you can pick who you'd like to offer the position to.

Get responses in seconds

All selected Substi teachers are sent a push notification as soon as you hit 'Create Job'. First one to respond 'Yes' get's the job. We'll send everyone a confirmation and the only thing left to do is teach.

Substi for Teachers

Connect to anyone

Substi is completely free for teachers and you can connect to as many schools as you like. So get linking; the more schools, the more jobs.

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Decide when to work

As a Substi teacher you update your own calendar to indicate your availability. Never get bothered by early morning calls when you aren't available.

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Real-time job notifications

As soon as a school posts a Substi position you get a notification on your phone. Accepting it is as easy as hitting 'Accept'.

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As a teacher for more than 20 years, I have seen both sides of the relieving equation.

I have searched for available relievers and as a reliever, I have searched for teaching positions.

I know that there is a need to improve the frustrating and time-consuming process of connecting the school and the relief teacher.

We’ve developed Substi to meet that need; as an online way for schools and relief teachers to connect easily.

A new way to work that transforms relief teaching.

What people are saying about us

Leigh School

I need to tell you how amazing this “Substi” is!! It’s made organising the term so easy and I see at the click of a button who is available.

Warkworth School

I can get a request from a teacher to find a reliever, log straight on to Substi, quickly create an event and then get back to my work knowing the request is going out immediately to all our selected relievers. I often get a response in minutes. It really does save me hours.

A Substi Teacher

As a relief teacher using the Substi app, I can plan my weeks ahead with the calendar on my dash board. I no longer have those early wake up calls when I’m not available to teach.

Small SchoolsFree/ month
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  • Unlimited Agents
  • Unlimited Positions
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Up to 3 Pool Teachers
Smallish Schools$19/ month
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  • Everything a small school gets
  • But up to 12 pool teachers
Medium Schools$39/ month
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  • Everything a smallish school gets
  • But up to 25 pool teachers
Large Schools$80/ month
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  • Everything a medium school gets
  • But up to 35 pool teachers
Massive Schools$100/ month
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  • Everything a large schools gets
  • But up to 50 pool teachers
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For the largest educational establishments we can arrange custom plans

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Everything you can do from your mobile device you can also do on your computer from the office. We designed Substi to work identically regardless of how you use it so there's nothing new to learn.

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